9th April: Terrible Twosome Tuesday

Today Frank is driving me on the slow road to insanity. Weaning is a MASSIVE pain anyway. You make the food but you can’t make the food easily because you are up and down constantly trying to keep the baby happy. Then the dog saunters up and asks the baby for food. The baby’s main mission in life is to get the dog to love her and lick her so of course she hand feeds him which is 1. a waste of food 2. very unhiegenic 3. a distraction from the actual eating.

The obvious solution is to lock the dog in another room but of course the dog can open doors and wanders back in. I have a very small capacity to keep the dog away by disciplining. This requires near constant use of the words ‘leave it’ and ‘wait’ and occasional ‘good boys’ when he does, also distracting.

As a result of all the stolen weaning cast offs Frank really isn’t that bothered about his own food, he’d rather not spoil his appetite for all the bits of omelette and chicken on offer. This means that his breakfast that used to be wolfed down immediately now gets left all morning. Not a problem in itself but the little cat has a thing for goading the big dog and eating his breakfast is far too tempting a prospect. The big cat isn’t quite so stupid but Frank has developed a cat = food thief complex and now no cats are allowed near his bowl. Which is an issue as it blocks the entrance to the living room so the cats now live upstairs.

All this and the fact that Frank is acting increasing crazy and really stepping up his game as a guard dog means the frequent barking is sending me a little bit insane. Part of me will be a bit heartbroken when he moves in with his Dad but the other part is desperate for my life to get a little easier.

Eurgh pets, lovely but a bloody nightmare some days. However we are heading out soon to meet two mums and babies for a walk around the woods. AND I have some Snacks to come with me (the shortcake ones covered in chocolate🙂) and I’m taking a coffee in a travel mug for dunking🙂🙂. Also Emily has promised not to spend the entire time in the papoose scratching my face and putting her hands in my mouth when I talk. (Last one is wishful thinking)

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