8th April: Pottering around Pontefract

This Monday morning was supposed to be dedicated to pilates, batch cooking healthy meals and other such healthy things I am accustomed to. Emily refused and demanded we go shopping for toys. I felt this was only fair given the amount of clothes I have been buying myself lately so we decided to go to Pontefract.

I haven’t always been a huge Pontefract fan. My first experience was years ago when my husband was my boyfriend and we were looking for our first home. Due to where we worked so Selby, Pontefract and villages were our only options. It was also a Monday and when we stopped for a KFC at lunchtime there were drunk people who had obviously enjoyed the cheap pint offers around the town. We then chose Selby.

But I am a positive person now! So here are some fun Pontefract facts. It is the land of licorice. It is also the land of Haribo since 1972 when they bought into a local company and moved their manufacturing there. It’s town motto is Post mortem patris pro filio, Latin for “After the death of the father, support the son”. I feel like they could have gone with something more Haribo based for their marketing really. They have a proper old school indoor market (like the one in Old Town Hull…but way more popular). And true to form there was a drunk man at lunchtime stood in the doorway of the Licorice Bush belting out ‘Rolling on the River’, good on you my friend.

If I’ve figured out how to work this images on blog thing then here is a bit of Pontefract architecture (with a pretty creepy charity shop window for good measure):

Other than that we got some excellent bargains for the bebe. If you look at the featured image I have carefully displayed them for you. I got all of these beauties for £6.75!! And we had a lovely (by lovely I mean long) talk with Margaret at British Heart Foundation. She had a lot to say about her granddaughter Emily who is going for Miss Great Britain, which was really sweet as she adores her but also I suspected that my own Emily had pood her pants but I wasn’t getting a chance to slope away. She had infact pood her pants (vest and White Company leggings on their first outing) and we had a FABULOUS time doing clean up in the public toilets where she didn’t want to go on the changing unit and wanted to be held the entire time. Not easy.

After that we went to the free Sure Start baby class in Sherburn. We were first there so took the opportunity to hang out on the baby sofa and read the best books (featured).

Other than that my day included a surprise visit from Grandpa which allowed me the opportunity to finally get on top of tidying and clean the floors while he had the baby. Doesn’t sound much fun but when you are a single parent to a clingy baby it is seriously difficult getting housework done so I genuinely look forward to the opportunity to clean. Never thought I’d say that.

Anyway second Poo-nado of the day down (Emily, not me) and fresh pyjamas on I’m chilling on the floor with a baby climbing on my legs and a coffee and tub of biscuits behind me ready for the consuming and I’m off. Peace out.

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