7th April: a very sleepy Sunday

Sophie Elizabeth Wright (almost Davey) International Blogging Sensation (see map for evidence). This is just today’s figures so I’m pretty surprised how many countries were on the list. I’ll completely ignore the fact most countries only had one view and as a Geography graduate I’ll just enjoy that I got a map involved. This isn’t organic growth, I shared my blog with a private Facebook group so as far as blog stats go I’m a definite cheat.

The rest of my day has been a lazy one, as Sundays should be! Emily woke up at 8.30 and after a little breakfast (banana fingers and apple puree for her, hot cross buns and coffee – again- for me). After that she got sleepy so we went back to bed, excellent! I got settled in with Sunday Brunch on TV and it felt like the old days. But before I knew it I was also asleep 🤦🏼‍♀️, I can’t even blame the baby as I was up late writing.

A rather boring afternoon that involved a trip to a local nursery. Concerningly the fences around the play area could be jumped over with no effort by a tall person which gives me huge paranoia about kidnapping, but I’m not sure if I’m being silly? I also feel like I could easily get past their secure gate entry, also concerning that any knife wielding mad person could get in.

Other than that Emily has been doing some absolutely horrific smelling explosive poos. I think this is normal when they start taking in food (yes she is actually consuming food…proud mum here). So we had to go to Home Bargains for some stain remover. Nightmare for me as I HATE bargains. She even slept in her car seat which I put in the trolley and browsed nearly every aisle! It’s the little things in life 🙂. They have some very cheap biscuits and cake with long sell by dates. I thought I was being thrifty in stocking up as the farm shop in the village is quite expensive for cake (flipping delicious…but still) however the reality is that I now have a ridiculous quantity at my disposal which is unlikely to last long at all. Worse problems to have I suppose.

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