Charity Shop Addict

My name is Sophie and I have a charity shopping problem.

But I find so many good BARGAINS I’m going to try and show them off before I put them away so here is my selection from Selby (plus a couple of bits from Harrogate)

Top row: Boden dress left (midi) £20 and above the knee dress (with pockets 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻) £15. More than I normally spend on charity shop stuff BUT there was loads of new sample stuff that is Boden in size 6-10 so couldn’t resist getting a couple. I also found three new Boden blazers for £20 each that I bought a couple of weeks ago .

Row two: flowery Oasis top £3, not exactly my thing but cheapsies. Light blouse I’m saving for the office £3.95. GAP blouse £3.95 – unsure if this is a work one or one with jeans. Red stripey Ralph Lauren £6.50…again more than I’d normally do on a charity top but I’m clearly a brand whore

Bottom row: Vera Moda stripey, also has cute buttons on sleeves (and too exciting to photograph before wearing) £3. V neck jumper found in mens section and is a medium but only just fits me (how rude) £5 but is good quality. HnM stripey for £3. Sainsburys blazer for £6 purchased after negotiations with my sister who also wanted it. Then I found the Boden blazers so I’ll be sending this one back to my sister.

The last three came from Harrogate weeks ago then lived in my car till this morning because I’m that type of lazy messy car owner. The rest were Selby yesterday (important things to know).

All the baby got was a Sophie le Giraffe book of first words. Sorry child but I clearly look after number one.

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