6th April: The babies rule the roost

Today we woke up feeling surprisingly good, my husband came over last night and was very helpful. Insisted I sit down and have a cup of tea while he washed up (amongst other things), this meant I woke up to a fairly tidy house for once. Even Frank was happy again.

So anyway the sun was shining (accordingly to google – I was still in bed), and social media addict that I am I was already on Instagram. A rather gorgeous forty something model I know was saying how hectic Saturdays always are with transporting the teenagers to various events. Haha I thought, my baby has to do whatever I say and I shall take advantage and seize the day and we shall do something fun!!

I messaged my mum friends to see if anyone wanted to join us at Temple Newsam farm. (As an aside Temple Newsam is an Elizabethan house where Mary Queen of Scots was held for a while, it’s also owned by Leeds Council so it is quite cheap and also has a Park Run which I frequently pretend to myself I will try – FUN LOCAL FACTS). One of my friends was up for joining us and I was rather happy at the spontaneous group trip to a farm on a sunny Saturday morning, doesn’t it all sound lovely 🙂 I even had time for one of my much discussed chocolate hot cross buns and a flat white.

After a small detour to get our friends we were on our way. “Hahahahaha” Emily’s little friend said, “look at you Mummies making plans – you think you’re in charge” and then started screaming. Emily was rather upset she didn’t think of it first and quickly joined in causing a ‘pitstop’ at the garden centre. The decision was made by the little ones that the car seats were made of lava and there was no chance they were going back in them. So we had a morning at the garden centre instead, sounds like something two bored grannies would do but I rather enjoyed it. If you’re in the market for a day out at a fancy garden centre with a large cake selection do visit Garforth Garden Centre. I even had the opportunity to use my two free hot drinks vouchers which always makes me happy.

PS for any of my friends reading this and wondering – my husband did not stay over. He had to do the hour long drive home after and I didn’t even give him dinner, just the ingredients to make himself a mini tuna wrap. lol.

OpPPS please note I made a joke in the title. ‘Rules the Roost’ …farm day out. Get it??!! Mega jokes over for today I’d better go to sleep / scroll social media for a couple of hours till I hate everyone with a happy marriage and stable family.

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