4th April: Ranty McGrump Face

I really enjoy the Gingerbread charity single parent meet ups, but if you read my earlier post you’ll see how it got me really wound up today.

I think I’m just having a bad day. Emily is normally a good sleeper, she feeds a lot but doesn’t make a fuss and falls asleep easily. Last night I was panicking about money till 1am then just as I was falling asleep Emily wanted to practice standing. We bedshare as she can’t sleep alone and she just kept wriggling into position then using my hips as a balance to hold onto and stand up. She thought it was hilarious, I did not.

I should be in a good mood as one of my friends knows someone she thinks I would be good with once I’m ready to start dating. Then we stopped for McDonald’s and a browse around Home Bargains. My day included bargains, a glimmer of a hope of sex and an actual chicken burger so I should be quite cheery, but no.

Turns out sleep deprivation and stories of twatty men can be pretty bloody irritating.

Anyway here are some photos of cake, coffee, tiny toes and a baby that loves the dog more than he loves the baby just to lighten the mood a bit.

One thought on “4th April: Ranty McGrump Face

  1. That glimmer of sex haha! I didn’t get any for a whole year. It got to the point where I was having regular sex dreams about my ex and ended up booty calling one of my old side guys. He keeps texting me for round two and I cba now that the frustration is out of my system 😂


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