3rd April: Living with the strawberry hat of dreams

Today I looked a bit shit, unwashed hair, minimal make up, didn’t even wear a bra. How I look is irrelevant as no one can see past the strawberry hat of dreams. I’m not even joking, the attention this hat gets is ridiculous. I frequently walk into shops and the shop assistant will call the other shop assistants over to see it. People on the tube would ask me if I made it, I thought it was weird to make small talk with strangers on the tube?! It is one of the few perks of being on the tube!

Although it is annoying for me the smiles that come Emily’s way when she wears it make her think she is the most special baby in the world. Yes she is cute but if we walk down the street strangers literally point her out to their friends all the time. I like the thought that Emily has gone through life being greeted with constant smiles and adoration from strangers. She must think the world is a wonderful place full of happy people that want to be around her, what a gift. Although it is pretty damn annoying for mothers who don’t want to spend their life saying ‘thank you’ ‘yes it is a good hat’ ‘no I didn’t make it’ it is worth it for the positive interaction. I recommend all mums buy a special hat and go for lots of sling walks with baby.

Back to bras…it wasn’t some kind of feminist statement I’ve just been ridiculously lazy with laundry. Although it is quite easy to get your nips out in a breastfeeding bra it is even easier sans bra, and so damn comfy!! NB I have very small boobs which probably affects my opinion here. But I definitely recommend bra-less living, as does Emily who was on and off the boob all through baby group.

BABY GROUP! Today we went to our first Caterpillar Club at South Milford Church. It was run by volunteer grandmas who make you a cup of tea, it is free, there are adorable toddlers running around and retro toys I remember from my childhood. I LOVED IT. Although I accidentally said Oh My God in a negative way which I know some Christians take exception to so I need to sort myself out when in church. Absolutely no James Blunts to be mentioned.

Cake update, the day started with an Aldi chocolate bunny with an americano / flat white hybrid as I fucked up with the espresso machine. Fairly good chocolate for the price 6/10. Then I went to M&S for their amazing chocolate and salted caramel hot cross buns which they didn’t sodding stock. Neither do Ferrybridge or Thorpe Park Springs whatever it’s called. Why create such a fabulous product and not stock it anywhere?! Instead I ate two blueberry hot cross buns, 7/10. My pre bed snack is a mini M&S iced bundt cake, good but by far not zesty enough 5/10. I also munched on percy pigs and maltesers throughout the day, a clear 10/10.

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