2nd April: Biscuits in bed and double cake face

I know that breastfeeding does all sorts of amazing things for mum and baby, but seriously they should be focusing on the metabolic effects when they chat to expectant mums. Today I ate toast smothered in cream cheese for breakfast (I blame Emily), then headed out for my Daisy Foundation meet up where I had a bacon sandwich and flat white. Then just before everyone left I wolfed down a lemon drizzle cake and full sugar coke. Luckily two mamas stayed for a bit longer and ordered cake, it would be weird not to join so I got a massive slice and this time a diet coke. We had a lovely time catching up and after much wriggling and shouting Emily eventually gifted me a nap at the same time as her two baby friends. This was perfect as I felt I could go on a man rant and drop in the occasional swear (however I was recommended to use James Blunt as a handy alternative to ensure Emily’s first word isn’t cunt – which is a possibility).

After a pitstop at Aldi we got home we had scrambled eggs with cheese on buttery toast with buttery garlic mushrooms followed by crushed raspberry greek yogurt. It was Emily’s most enthusiastic meal so i’m feeling rather pleased with myself. (As an aside if you are ever in Sherburn in Elmet you need to go to Fields Café at the garden centre and order the garlic mushrooms. I spent all afternoon smelling them and regretting my lunch choices). Now i’m tucked up in bed with a sleeping baba I thought bringing the biscuits and percy pigs would be a little treat. Almost a full packet of Aldi dark chocolate gingers have gone down and the percy pigs are going the same way.

So anyway today’s post has basically become a long rambling food diary. But this is a fairly typical diet for me and ironically I am borderline underweight. Breastfeeding has definitely increased my metabolism and for that (and a million other reasons) it is SO worth it. But also stress may be speeding up my metabolism which is so NOT worth it and I will be pursuing a more zen like stance in future.

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