Netflix and Chill (your way through divorce)

I’m aware what ‘Netflix and Chill’ means but I think it is a silly meaning. I’m talking literal Netflix and chill, preferably with a box of Maltesers and baby asleep. Here are my top tips for cheer you up distraction TV for divorcing singe mamas:

Gilmore Girls. I bloody love this guilty pleasure, I remember watching it first time round thinking how bad but also how good. Now I just feel like it is all good. If you have been living under a stone it is basically Lorelai ‘mom’ and Rory (daughter) living together in a cute house in a very cheesy New England (I think, I’m not American though so don’t shoot me if it’s Massachusetts or something) town. It makes me feel much more optimistic about living in a mum and daughter household, I don’t know why though as Rory is annoying as hell and actually turns out to be an immoral twat. BUT it is worth it for Lorelai, the true star of the show (and sometimes Emily, and often Paris…I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS).

The Other Woman. Such a good MOOOVIE. Although it really emphasizes man hating feelings it is a proper woman’s feel good movie. Yes the revenge bits are good (smashed face in glass wall is a magical moment) but the whole point of the movie is female solidarity, that even when women are completely different they can bond, and look out for each other and have wonderful supportive and fun friendships. Aaalll the lady friendship love 🙂

Mamma Mia. You can’t not feel happy while watching a movie with an ABBA soundtrack and Meryl Streep set on a Greek island. It is 100% feel good. Also another mum and daughter duo, admittedly not the ideal back story where Sophie has no idea which is her Dad…but she turned out better than Rory so it really doesn’t matter!

Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightly version) for the escapism in the pretty dresses and houses and countryside. I’m going to be controversial and say I don’t like the Lizzie and Darcy relationship. She is way out of his league, she basically married him for the house. I don’t blame her, it is a good house and she couldn’t exactly have had a high flying career to buy a fancy house on her own so needs must. I just feel they aren’t well suited, IF they were married now they would be getting divorced. I think Jane Austen stopped at the wedding because anything after would have been depressing and Lizzie was just bored in her fancy house. So watch it and feel grateful that you can get a divorce and not be stuck with boring Mr Darcy forever.

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