31st March: Mothers Day Poo-nado

I had completely forgotten about the clocks going back when I suggested to meet my Mum at Bettys at 10 to beat the queues. Normally between 5am and 8am Emily has a few false starts where she wakes and I quickly stick a nipple in her mouth and she goes back off to sleep but today I had to get her up and do a swift nappy change before we got ready. She was confused more than anything so it could have been a lot worse. I managed to shower, dry, dress and hair whilst she was in the highchair with only a couple of song and dance routines to amuse her, a true mothers day gift.

Unfortunately trains were cancelled so we had to detour via Selby to get my Mum, there was general crankiness during the journey which I thought was car seat drama / boredom. It wasn’t, she was informing me that she had pood all the way up to the top of her White Company outfit. I had to do the awkward I don’t want to get covered in poo baby hold whilst walking to the public toilets near Clifford’s Tower. The bugger was that it required 40p so after much fuss from me trying to get a coin without dropping the baby a homeless man came over and said ‘it’s free for you love’ and did a trick with his coat to get the barrier open. Lovely chap.

Once we were in there was high drama, every part of the outfit was coated. She also slid and crawled her way around the changing table so that it was a naked slippery yellow disaster zone. During the peak poo coverage she decided she needed a cuddle and SCREAMED. I love her but no cuddles were taking place until she was wiped down. I could hear the homeless man from outside shouting is everything ok in there?! It was not ok but I suspected it wasn’t his area of expertise so we soldiered on alone. In the end we survived and surfaced with a clean outfit for her and only minimal poo on me. Apparently we could be heard from the car park and people at the pay point near Cliffords Tower were looking around trying to see where the baby was. Traumatising.

The day improved with a breakfast rosti and coffee however the pianist who is usually a mothers day treat kept playing Les Miserables songs which remind me of my husband so made me quite sad. I had to tell myself that maybe he had a special request and it was possibly the highlight of someone’s day. Shame no one requested Beauty and the Beast songs though. We left with a marzipan pig sponge and all was forgotten.

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