28th March #booblols at John Lewis

Not that I am a massive show off but I absolutely won Employee  of the Month before my maternity leave started. I was saving my £250 John Lewis vouchers for a special occasion and with all the joys of negotiating who keeps what as my husband packs up and leaves our family for good I felt like I needed a treat.

Soo after our Gingerbread meet up Emily and I headed off to John Lewis, I went over to the laptops and found a young man and said I need  a laptop but I know nothing about them. He was overjoyed to be talking to an idiot, then Emily started screaming and the professional breastfeeder that I am I wipped her out of the pram and onto my nipple without pausing the conversation.rpt I don’t even think she was hungry, I think she just senses when someone would find it uncomfortable and goes for it. Interestingly enough when I put this riveting information on my instastory it turns out was the first person to use #booblols, who would have thought it?!

Here is a photo of the little lady feeling accomplished in John Lewis, got to get your laughs where you can I guess.

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